4 Key Questions to Ask Yourself (and Your Tribe) Before Embarking on Your Yoga & Wellness Preneur Journey

Dear friend, if you are a yoga & wellness preneur who is at the beginning of their journey, this blog post is for you. It comes with a simple exercise for you to gain clarity.

Embarking on the path of yoga & wellness entrepreneurship is an exciting and transformative journey. However, it is not always easy, and so you need to ensure your venture aligns with your true self and brings lasting fulfillment, therefore it’s crucial to start with self-discovery. I know you are up for self-discovery, and surely, it will be fun to dive into these… Please grab your coffee or your chai tea, and let’s dive in.

Let’s dive deeper into these questions and discover your path to success as a yoga & wellness preneur.

Before anything else, it is important to get clarity. Below are four key questions that will help you on this introspective exploration. As I said, please take your time and give yourself space for this exploration. I would highly recommend getting a pen and paper or a computer to record the answers. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers; it all comes down to being honest with yourself as a yoga & wellness preneur.

The video and text below are here to support you ­čÖé

Yoga & wellness preneur, ask yourself the following questions:

Okay, here are some questions for you to work on…

  • What talents or abilities define me?

Discovering the unique gifts and talents that set you apart from other professionals like you is the first step to a successful journey as a Yoga & Wellness Preneur. This is often overlooked, as somehow, we might take our abilities and gifts for granted, so take the time to really explore here and recognize those gifts and talents. List them on a piece of paper or a digital doc and let’s move on.

  • Can I name the things I LOVE to do?

As you know very well, passion fuels purpose; therefore, as a yoga & wellness preneur, you need to invest time in identifying the activities that bring you joy as they hold the key to creating a fulfilling biz. When you start a biz, it is crucial to understand that you will invest tons of working hours, so you want to make sure those hours are filled with activities that bring you some sense of purpose.

Having said that, I want to be 100% honest with you and let you know that there are other activities that you will have to do in your biz that are not necessarily the things that you LOVE doing, but need to get done.

  • Am I able to identify what is easy for me (or comes naturally) that others find difficult?

As a yoga & wellness preneur, it is important as well to take some time to uncover your strengths. Please do not underestimate this: What may seem effortless to you can be the foundation of your biz. Again, this is one of those aspects that often get neglected, so please take your time to collect your thoughts and ideas, and write them down.

  • When do I remember feeling happier? What was I doing at that moment?

Finally, this is the moment to reflect on your moments of joy. These moments provide insights into the pursuits that align with your true self. For example, in my case, some of the things that make me happier are traveling and self-growth; that is why organizing transformative retreats (for myself as well as for other Yoga & Wellness pros like you) is part of my offerings. You might include retreats as part of your offerings as well.

I hope this was helpful, now let’s move on the next step.

Ask your tribe to answer these questions and discover your path to success as a yoga & wellness preneur.

Perfect! Now that we have done this exercise for ourselves, it is time to move to the next step: It is time to ask your tribe these same questions. How do you do that?

Use the text below. The important thing here is to see if there is a repeating pattern in the answers. The people who REALLY know you can give you an idea of when they saw you happier doing something that you loved.

Think about five to eight people very close to you and send them a questionnaire form (you can do it with Google): Use the text below.

Text to use for your message:

Dear (name of the person),

Could you please take five minutes to answer these questions with total honesty?

The answers are anonymous and will help me get to know myself better as a Yoga & Wellness Preneur and work on my yoga/wellness business.


  • What talents or abilities do you think define me?
  • Can you name a few things would you say I like to do?
  • Could you share what do you think is easy for me (or comes naturally) that is hard for you?
  • When do you remember seeing me happier? What was I doing at that moment?

Thank you, (Insert your name)

I hope this was helpful!

This exercise will give you a lot of insights, and it will be important for you to be able to get a different perspective.

Have fun! And remember, this is your journey, and it is as unique as you!

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Thank you!


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