Yoga Philosophy in Your Online Business: How Does it Apply?

Dear friend, do you think is possible to apply yoga philosophy in to your online yoga business?

​I think it is.

Here is a clear example:

Recently, I came across a question from a yoga teacher in an FB group that I am part of:


“Can you help me understand my situation?” said the concerned teacher, “I’ve been advertising in SM like crazy, promoting my classes and I get very little engagement on my posts. However, when I post something about my family, I get lots of likes and comments. I don’t understand why”


​Firstly, I thought it was very brave to ask that question because it is a common problem amongst many  yoga professionals nowadays.

Of course, I think there are several factors that come into play in this situation. The algorithm in SM could be one of them. Also the fact that their audience could be mostly family and friends, but not potential students and clients.​

Moreover, the most important thing is this:

Marketing is the art of educating your audience on the value of your services.

In the online world (and in any business in general), we sell by building trust and relationships.

There is a process for building trust that starts with a first step called CREATING VALUE.

In this first step, you shouldn’t rely on your expectations on how many people will sign up for your classes/programs. Instead, focus on creating valuable content. And share it with your audience. For free.

​This could be like “the seva side” of your online yoga business and therefor, a way to apply the yoga philosophy into your online business.

Are you doing this right now?

​I suggested that brave yoga teacher to reflect on a couple of questions related to their marketing strategy on SM:

  • Are you providing valuable content to your community on a regular basis outside of your marketing posts?

  • Is the content that you share helping with a specific problem/desire that the people in your audience suffer from/have?

I hope it helps! I think it was valuable information and that’s why I’m sharing it here with you.





Manuel Molina de la Torre

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I’m on a mission to help yoga and wellness professionals like YOU elevate their marketing & biz game, so they can navigate the industry fearlessly and achieve sustained growth. Having said that, I don’t like to use manipulative or coercive techniques.

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