Yamas, Niyamas & Social Media.

Dear friend, Yamas and Niyamas combined with social media might sound like a strange mix but here is one thing: The yogic philosophy is here to support us in modern times and it shouldn’t be something ungraspable to yoga practitioners and teachers.

Social media is a modern way of communication. It is not permanent or timeless but it is a valid and meaningful way of connection with other human beings. Today, many yoga teachers are building their online presence (as part of their business) on social media and there is so much we need to learn.

This is a relatively new territory for many of us!

As a yoga practitioner for over a decade and as a biz and marketing mentor for yoga teachers and wellness experts, I am inspired and excited about bringing together yoga philosophy and social media.

Can you apply yoga philosophy when you build an online presence in social media as a yoga teacher?

YES, Absolutely, you can!

In a recent post, I wrote about how to apply yoga philosophy to your yoga business. Today, I will explain how you, as an independent yoga teacher or studio owner, can integrate yogic wisdom into your online presence and your social media marketing message.

The wisdom and teachings of yoga philosophy are timeless and they are very much needed, especially in CRAZY times, like the ones we live on right now. Social media is, without a shade of a doubt, an important piece in the marketing of your yoga business.


Considering the Yamas & Niyamas when posting on social media.

The online world has exploded and we are still learning about it. Many yoga teachers are building their online presence on social media these days. When sharing your voice in your social media platforms, be yourself, express yourself and share what you love and feel passionate about. This will help you connect with your people.


Here are some ideas of how you can embrace the Yamas in your message:


AHIMSA (Non-harming)


People will have different opinions about your voice on the internet, especially if you are REALLY clear about your message. In fact, your message might get controversial at times. That is fine, don’t be scared! The algorithm seems to like controversy (Lol!) so this can help you with your reach. Be aware though that every human being watching/reading/listening to your content, has their unique story and journey. If your message triggers feelings of fear, constriction and hate, DON’T POST IT.


SATYA (Truthfulness, honesty)


Be unapologetically YOU! Share your truth and resources of information that support your truth. Keep in mind the first Yama though: Your message shouldn’t be harmful to others. Also, keep in mind that there is not an absolute truth! What seems like a big truth to you, might not be valid for the next person.


ASTEYA (Non-stealing)



It is great to connect with other peps and colleagues, and to share their content on your platforms. However, be mindful and pay respect to the author of that content by:


  • Keeping the integrity of the original post you are sharing. The image and the text should be kept as the original post.
  • Using a repost app (on IG) and sharing the original post in your feed or sharing it in your stories might be the best options. Please, never screenshot and share altering the image or original text.
  • Tag the author on the repost and mention them in the text.
  • The original text of the post you share should be kept. You can always add your thoughts/opinion below the original text and, you can use the comments section if there is not enough space in the caption section.
  • The message should NEVER be modified and published without the permission of the author.



BRAHMACHARYA (Don’t waste energy)


Social media is a biz tool, as well as a place for connection and relationships but it can be a black hole if you don’t set up appropriate boundaries. Don’t let it suck your energy and time. I recommend that you give more value from your posts than you take (scroll & consume).


APARIGRAHA (Non-greed)


Share what you know and don’t hold back! This is how your ideal students and clients get to know about your knowledge and your paid offerings. Thriving as a yoga entrepreneur doesn’t mean you aren’t a yogi.




Niyamas support you as a yoga practitioner. When using social media platforms for spreading your message as a teacher, make sure you are also protecting your integrity as a person.


SHAUCHA (Self-purification)

Be mindful of how much “garbage” content you get to consume in your daily life. Limit your time mindlessly scrolling! Again, set your time boundaries when you enter in your app and engage rather than “consume”.


Foto de Kerde Severin en Pexels
Photo by Kerde Severin in Pexels

SANTOSHA (Contentment)

Happiness comes from an experience of “acceptance” for what is. Try to see social media for what they are: a communication channel where anyone can share their (sometimes inconvenient and hurtful) opinion. Be at peace with it!


TAPAS (Self-discipline)

Boundaries in your day to day (Shaucha) and also enthusiasm as you share your message as a teacher. Building an online presence takes time, perseverance, patience and discipline! Tapas is required to keep you thriving!


SVADHYAYA (Self-study)

Be curious of what comes up in your journey. Often, as you share your voice as a teacher, you will face emotions like fear, frustration and tiredness, those can be great tools to learn about yourself. Take a break when you need to!




Try keeping less focus on the outcome and more focus on the journey itself. Building a meaningful online presence takes time and work but also, the ability to let go of expectations. Explore, learn and most importantly, CONNECT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE!

I really hope this blog post was helpful for you to understand the yoga philosophy behind social media. If you have any ideas or thoughts to share, let’s connect!




Manuel Molina de la Torre

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