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What Is It About?

Can you imagine how wonderful it would feel to take a group of aligned souls to an international destination, transform their lives by doing what you love the most, create life-lasting connections, while making a good profit?

If so, stay here my friend…

Some people feel like there are so many retreat leaders out there selling retreats these days. While it might be true that retreats don’t sell as easily in 2024 as they used to in 2016, I don’t think the retreat market is saturated.

Let me explain this 🤓: The market may be well saturated for general yoga or wellness retreats that lack specificity and focus, because they all look the same!

Did you know that the global wellness tourism industry is predicted to be worth around 1.4 trillion U.S. dollars by 2027? This indicates a growing interest in wellness travel experiences.

With the right messaging and positioning, it is definitely possible to sell retreats!

So, let me help you!🤓

These are some of the questions retreat leaders and aspiring retreat leaders have in 2024…

🌍 What does it take to successfully lead an international retreat?

💰 How can I make it a profitable project?

🏝️ What venue and destination should I choose?

📣 How do I market it authentically & effectively?

🧘‍♀️ What are the best tips to sell out my retreat?

Is it you?

These are very important questions to ask. With retreats rapidly becoming a significant trend in the travel scene, there’s huge potential for yoga and wellness facilitators to create impactful and profitable retreats.

But here’s the thing: To lead a successful international retreat, you need crystal-clear guidance and actionable steps that you can implement right now, regardless of where you are on your retreat journey.

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Here Is Why I Am The Right Person To Teach You This Webinar

¡Hola! I’m Manu.

I am a mentor on a mission to help yoga and wellness professionals like YOU elevate their marketing & biz game, so they can navigate the industry fearlessly and achieve sustained growth.

And no, I don’t like to use manipulative or coercive techniques.

Here is why I am the right person to teach you this webinar:

My retreat journey began in 2008 when I landed my first retreat job at Agricola Samadhi in Southern Italy. Since then, I’ve embarked on an adventure from Italy to Spain and Thailand, wearing multiple hats as a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, community manager, retreat coordinator, and retreats director in renowned retreats and wellness hotels like Azulfit, Samahita Retreat, Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, and Six Senses Ibiza.

I am also an entrepreneur and worked for myself as a retreat leader, hosting and selling out my own international retreats. Along the way, I’ve encountered great challenges, learned invaluable lessons, and experienced incredible growth.

Really, when it comes to retreats, I can say that I have seen it all!

I’m deeply passionate about sharing my insights and supporting others in the retreat world, and I can’t wait to connect with you!