Overcoming Obstacles as a Yoga Entrepreneur

Overcoming Obstacles as a Yoga Entrepreneur

Dear friend,

Today, I want to share a personal story with you about overcoming roadblocks as a yoga entrepreneur. I hope you find this inspiring for your own journey.

So, this is my own story. The story of my younger self, back in 2018, when I lived full-time in Thailand, and right before I started my yoga & wellness biz.

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P.S: Have You Read This Story?


If so, think about the reason why you felt compelled to read it. It was a powerful reason called Storytelling.

This is something I encourage you to do as well when you share your message with your peeps on your web or social media. Tell us about your story, and how you overcame the obstacles your peeps might be struggling with right now! This helps you build trust (the magic ingredient for sales).

If inspired by this story, I invite you to share your own story on Instagram or Facebook and tag me (I am  @Yoga.Biz.Mentor on Instagram and Manu Molina on Facebook), so that I can learn more about you and cheer you on.


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