Marketing that Feels Authentic with Gaynor Carrillo

Marketing that Feels Authentic with Gaynor Carrillo

Dear friend, today, we talk about marketing that feels authentic with Gaynor Carrillo.

Gaynor, a native Medium, assists individuals in connecting with the spirit world and embracing a more magical and spiritual existence.

From an early age, Gaynor has possessed the ability to communicate with spirits and maintain a profound connection with the afterlife. She has authored two books detailing her experiences as a medium and her interactions with spirits.

Throughout her journey, Gaynor has received invaluable teachings from the spirit realm on navigating a spiritual life amidst the hustle and bustle of modern society.

Through her mediumship, published works, and mentorship programs, Gaynor eagerly shares these insights and imparts lessons from the spirit realm to others.

The recording is from an interview with Gaynor for YouTube, and you can find the video version here.

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