Overcoming Roadblocks As a Yoga Entrepreneur

Dear friend,

Today, I want to share a personal story with you about overcoming roadblocks as a yoga entrepreneur. I hope you find this inspiring for your own journey.

So, this is my own story. The story of my younger self, back in 2018, when I lived full-time in Thailand, and right before I started my yoga & wellness biz.

Back then, I was energised from countless hours of education in yoga, pranayama, fitness, yoga philosophy, meditation (you name it!)… I was about to dive into my journey as a yoga entrepreneur.

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Within My Own Yoga Entrepreneur Journey, I Encountered Big Roadblocks.

I remember when someone I considered a colleague and a peer…and almost a friend to be honest – a yoga teacher who owned a small studio in the city – laughed at me, when I shared with them the idea of me charging double the price of the local rates for my 1:1 sessions. Bangkok local rates were REALLY low…and if I was to open a company as a foreigner, with all the costs it involved, I could not afford to sell my classes that cheap.

The interaction felt very uncomfortable, but ultimately, I chose to respond with kindness and stopped sharing my plans with them.

Be Everyone’s Coach…Bad Advise That Lead To Another Yoga Entrepreneur Roadblock,

Another time, one of the mentors I worked with encouraged me to be “everyone’s coach” and to build my online presence EVERYWHERE. This person program did not include reflecting about my core message as a teacher, or considering the idea of focusing on my niche, which of course, it all led to me having a “wishy-washy” message. That wasn’t helpful at all…But don’t get me wrong. This person was not a “bad mentor” so to speak, they did have amazing qualities I admired and they enjoy success. However, their business model did not have anything to do with mine. So why did I pick them? You might ask… Because I did not know any other business mentors at the time.

As A Yoga Entrepreneur, You Might Find Roadblocks Like These, And They Can Stop You In Your Journey… If You Allow Them To!

Finally, dealing with my own fear and uncertainty regarding the creation and sale of transformational retreats felt overwhelming. Little did I know that over the next couple of years, after finding the right kind of support and guidance, things would change for good.

Before long, I found myself working with a select group of 1:1 in-person clients in Bangkok, who were willing to pay premium rates, three to four times higher than the local rates.

Additionally, I began attracting individuals to my online platforms who perfectly matched my ideal client profile. These individuals were willing to invest in my programs without ever meeting me in person, which astonished me...

And to my own success, one of the most amazing things that happened was that I ended up leading my own retreats.

How about that!

So, this is my message of encouragement for you today, my friend. If you feel stuck between similar roadblocks, know that there is always a way forward.

I do have so much respect and appreciation for my younger self because I learned to be resilient and to keep going despite all these obstacles.

…And I hope you will too! Just look for the right help for you and keep going! 🌟

Thanks for reading!


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