This is How We Can Work Together


  • Feeling overwhelmed and unsure in navigating the territory of attracting new students and clients to your biz?


  • Dreaming about the potential to offer a great transformational retreat, but feeling unsure where to start with the complexities of logistics, pricing, and marketing?


  • Struggling with a lack of confidence in raising your prices? Unsure how to justify it and seeking a clear strategy to boost your confidence in charging what you deserve?


  • Feeling lost in your efforts to strategically grow your yoga or wellness biz? Uncertain about your core message as a biz owner?


  • Yearning for clarity and authenticity, but facing internal conflict and worries about coming across as manipulative with clients in your marketing efforts?



If this sounds like you, then we are a match! 


Things I Can Help You With


  • Increasing your income as a teacher/retreat leader/coach.


  • Crafting your transformational retreat and/or organising and managing logistics for you.


  • Finding your core message and your niche as a teacher/coach.


  • Building trust in your community so that your services become the preferred option.


  • Crafting a compelling biz message infusing your hero s journey.


  • Creating and pricing your services in a way that resonates with your community and values your expertise.


  • Setting up a marketing strategy that helps you sell your services (and it doesn’t feel coercive or manipulative!).


  • Laying the foundations for your brand and business.




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