Master Social Media for Your Yoga & Wellness Business

Hi friend, today get ready to uplevel social media for your yoga & wellness business.

Often, yoga and wellness practitioners, who use social media have questions like:

How can I get discovered by ideal students and connect with potential clients?

What content should I post on social media for my yoga & wellness business?

How do I reach new people and create an engaged community on social media, especially for marketing and selling yoga and wellness offerings?

Sound familiar? If so, you’re in luck!

Let’s delve into a case study of mine. Here are the strategies one of my former students applied to her Instagram profile, resulting in increased engagement and inquiries about her yoga offerings.

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Let’s See How My Client Mastered Social Media for Her Yoga & Wellness Business.

My client “A” owns a yoga school. Before seeking my guidance, she struggled to gain traction or interest from her followers on social media, so I checked what she was posting. This graphic below shows what her Instagram feed looked like before we worked together.

Social Media for Yoga Wellness Business

What wasn’t working here?

Firstly, there were no pictures of A, and she was the main yoga teacher in the hybrid yoga studio. People LOVE working with people and A was invisible in her yoga business Instagram profile.

Secondly, there was no cohesive branding feeling, message clarity or storytelling in her grid. The posts were so different from one another and there was not a cohesive branding, clarity in her message or a CTA (call to action) after each post.

Finally, there was no optimization of the variety of Instagram features. While A was posting mainly photos with a short text, there was very little video or any other type of content.

The results? No interaction & no interest in her yoga & wellness offerings.

What Three Main Things Did My Client A Implement to Improve Social Media for Her Yoga Business?

So, once we started working together on her business, these are the things we started to implement:

#1. In the first place, we aimed to include lots of content variety in her grid, we went from “just photos” to video, reels, carousels, etc. This gave A’s followers different ways of engaging with her content (not everyone likes the same type).

#2. Then, we make sure every post has a clear CTA (call to action) be it: leave a comment, save this post, sign up for my newsletter, visit my YouTube channel, sign up for my upcoming course, etc.

#3. Finally, we worked on her branding voice, so that her clients could easilly recognise her…and of course, that included A becoming visible on her business profile.

This was A’s Instagram grid after I helped optimizing her profile:


The results after this? Much more engagement and interest. People started actually liking & commenting on her posts!

But let’s face it! Likes and comments were not the end of the game for A (and they shouldn’t be for you). The real shift is that people show interest in joining her paid offerings via comments and DMs.

I recently recorded a video with Gaynor Carrillo, a mentor and coach for spiritual businesses, discussing marketing. I believe this video perfectly complements today’s topic.

I hope this was inspiring and helpful. Remember, you can have this too! Apply one thing that you’ve learnt from this post today and see what happens!

Thank you for reading!


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