Three Ways to Increase Your Revenue as a Yoga & Wellness Practitioner

Dear friend, today I would like to share with you three ways to increase your revenue as a yoga & wellness practitioner. But first, let´s find out if this blog post is for you…

If you feel exausted…

Running up and down teaching studio classes in your city for very low compensation

…Living at the mercy of your clients’ last-minute decisions to book one of your private sessions…

…Struggling to find partnerships that can be productive and boost your biz revenue

This blog post is for you!

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Let’s Dive Into Three Awesome Ways to Increase Your Revenue as a Yoga & Wellness Practitioner.

So, if you are still reading, that means you are ready for this 🔥. I know you have invested so much time, money, and energy into your education and resources, and your lifestyle is a testimony to the healing and benefits you bring to your clients…yet, you are finding it difficult to find the right balance between giving and receiving.

It is time to change this. Let’s get into the actions that will help you increase your revenue as a yoga & wellness practitioner…because it is time to value your work and get what you deserve as a professional.


#1 Gateway to Increase Your Revenue as a Yoga & Wellness Practitioner: Create a High-Ticket Program.

One common mistake I see among yoga & wellness entrepreneurs is that they do not have a transformative high-ticket program for sale. Let me explain it: Often, their higher price offer is 1:1 sessions. They love working on a one-on-one basis, but let their clients book one session at a time.

Why is this a problem?

If you sell one-on-one sessions separately, there are three major pitfalls in your business.

Firstly, you are going to work at the mercy of your clients’ last-minute decisions to book one of your private sessions. For example, you get a WhatsApp message on Friday night to do a session on Sunday morning. You know you can’t waste a revenue opportunity for your business…and voilá! Your weekend went to waste. This strategy does not allow you to take control of your time as a business owner.

Secondly, with only one session, you are not going to help your client achieve their desired results. We know this; one stand-alone class or session is not a greatly transformative experience by itself. By selling one-on-one sessions separately, you have fewer chances of getting your clients to achieve their goals.

Finally, this is not a smart way to work on a recurrent source of revenue basis, as who knows, after having just one session with not so many results, your client might not be keen on buying another one.

What to do instead?

Create a transformative high-ticket program that lasts for weeks or months and allows you to build a container for your client where they can transform their life under your guidance. These can be one-on-one or group sessions, in-person or online, and they can range from 3 months to one year working together (or even more!).

#2 Gateway to Increase Your Revenue as a Yoga & Wellness Practitioner: Plan a Transformational Retreat.

YES! I have talked about this many times, and you know retreats are my favorite thing. If planning to run a retreat, I would like you to make sure that you check the resources that I am listing below:

#1. Resource: Maximise your retreat’s profit · Blog post.

#2. Resource: 5 Reasons your retreat isn’t selling and how to fix it · Blog post.

#3. Resource: Guide to organise your retreat · Sign up form below. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

#3 Gateway to Increase Your Revenue as a Yoga & Wellness Practitioner: Collaborate with Luxury Hotels and Resorts

Sometimes you get to wonder…where is my ideal client? One of the ways yoga & wellness practitioners find new clients and make a great income is through collaboration with hotels, retreats, and spas. But hear me out on this one, yoga & wellness practitioners like you, speak a completely different language than hoteliers.

What are the common pitfalls?

When I worked as a Retreats Director at a luxury hotel brand in Ibiza, I often got requests from yoga & wellness practitioners offering their services. We received a big number of requests indeed. To be fully transparent with you, too many requests to look them all up. It is a competitive world for you as a freelancer, and hoteliers don’t really have much time to spend on every new request they receive.

One of the common pitfalls I saw as a Retreats Director was the fact that I was contacted on my phone (usually long texts) via WhatsApp, with all the info about the practitioner and their services…and honestly, I rarely have the time to read all the texts.

What to do instead?

The best thing you can do right now, is to watch this video below. I recorded it last year. If you would like to have the PDF for that video with lots of awesome resources, please sign up to get it in the form below the video. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


I hope this was helpful. Remember, growing your biz is a mid- to long-term goal, so try being gentle on yourself and don’t push yourself too hard! Never hesitate to seek guidance when needed.

Thank you so much for reading!


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