How To Sell Out Your Retreat

Dear friend, today, I would like to dive into the actions you can take right now to sell out your retreat.

You might have an upcoming retreat and might be concerned or doubting your ability to sell all the spots. If that is you, fear not! Let’s find out what are some of the best practices so that you can sell out your retreat with more ease.

Before we dive in though, please allow me to share with you my background on retreats.

My retreat journey began in 2008 when I landed on my first retreat job at Agricola Samadhi in Southern Italy. Since then, I’ve embarked on an adventure from Italy to Spain and Thailand, wearing multiple hats as a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, community manager, retreat coordinator, and retreats director in renowned retreat centers and wellness hotels. I am an entrepreneur and a retreat leader, experienced in the retreat world, and have hosted my own international retreats internationally since 2016.

I’m Deeply Passionate About Sharing My Insights And Helping You To Sell Out And Lead Your Retreat.

I am not going to tell you that selling out a retreat is easy. Along the way, I’ve encountered great challenges, learned invaluable lessons, and experienced incredible growth. I recently wrote about the 5 main reasons your retreat isn’t selling and how to fix it; if you haven’t read that blog post, I would recommend you to visit it later. Today, I’d like to focus on the actions you can take right away. These are actions you might have not thought about before, but they are definitely worth trying. So get ready, my friend!

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If You Want To Sell Out Your Retreat, You Have To Rave About It Everywhere!

Think about this: Would you go to a party or an event organized by someone who wasn’t really excited to organize it, or didn’t consistently speak about it? I don’t know about you, but I would not!

I know sometimes it’s easy to fall into thinking that people will magically join your retreat out of the blue, or that they will find out about your retreat just because you shared about it on social media once or twice.

The reality is that social media won’t show your post to many people (only a small percentage of your followers will see it). Besides, apart from your -hopefully- multiple social media posts, people need to have a place -ideally a website- where they can find all the information about your retreat. This makes your retreat more trustworthy and easier for them to click a button and reserve their spot.

Actions you can take right now:

Firstly, you truly have to believe in what you are offering and tell people in your circles about it. Hopefully, you are communicating the value of your retreat on your webpage as well. People really want to feel your excitement about your retreat before clicking the “book your spot” button. So get to work on your mindset before writing or speaking about your retreat. Take a few minutes to reflect on that great value you are bringing to the table and be unapologetic when talking about it.

Consider creating a calendar for posts and emails so that you achieve some consistency. Posting three to five times about your retreat  on social media is not enough. Consistency will help people remember your offering and click that link that takes them to your retreat webpage. As mentioned, you do need a retreat webpage as well. Need some tips for that? Sign up in the form below. 👇👇👇

Connect With People You Think Are a Good Fit and Set Up a Call With Them.

I know, this sounds scary, or at least it might take you out of your comfort zone. But think about this; a retreat is usually considered a high-ticket program (unless it’s a super cheap one that won’t allow you to make any profit). Therefore, for people to feel confident that they are making the right type of investment, a call with the retreat leader/organizer would be in order.

This call will be an opportunity to get to know the person (if you don’t know them yet) and to determine if:

#1. Your retreat is a good fit for them. #2. They are a good fit for your retreat.

Furthermore, it is an opportunity for you to communicate – yet again! – the value of your retreat, the transformation they are going to go through with the experience, answer any questions they might have, and your excitement. Sometimes people just need that little connection to make their investment, and a call is a perfect opportunity.

Actions you can take right now:

Take some time to brainstorm and think about the people who you believe would be a great fit for your retreat. First and foremost, consider the individuals who already know, like, and trust you. These are the people who have bought your classes or attended your retreats in the past. Once you have your list, reach out to them directly, tell them about your retreat, and invite them to book a call on your calendar. You could say something like:

Hey! [Name of the person]✨ I would like to invite you to an upcoming retreat that I’m organizing at [Insert name of the venue] in [Insert country]. I would be honored to have you with us, and I truly believe it would be an incredible experience for you – I’ve envisioned this retreat with you in mind. Please take a moment to explore my retreat page [Insert page link here], and feel free to schedule a call with me to delve into all the details. [Insert the link to your calendar] 

Can’t wait to connect with you!🌟

[Your name]

Consider Affiliating With Other Professionals On a Commission-Based Venture.

Often, professionals in your niche have clients who would be excited to join an offering like yours, but they might not even be aware it exists. That’s why considering an affiliate program could be very helpful. My advice here is to brainstorm and make a list of potential candidates for affiliate sales, and then create a proposal for a commission when one of their clients joins your program. Please do not select anyone here; instead, focus on individuals who you know will be a great fit for your brand and whose community aligns with yours.

Actions you can take right now:

Take some time to brainstorm and consider the professionals who would be a great fit for promoting your retreat. Think about those who have a large community that aligns with your ideal client. You can propose to offer an interview on their channels, providing value on a topic related to your retreat. Typically, you would be able to promote your retreat at the end of the interview and invite listeners to join you. For any listeners who sign up, you would provide a commission to the person who hosted you.

Remember, selling out a retreat takes time, consistency, and commitment, so please do not get discouraged if sales don’t happen right away. Just look for help and keep going! 🌟

I hope this was helpful.

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Thank you for reading.


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