How to Find Your Niche As a Wellness Expert

Dear friend, today we are talking about how to find your niche, a pivotal aspect in your biz journey…but before we dive in, tell me:

Does it happen to you that the content you are sharing on social media is not bringing any kind of traction or engagement (except for your friends and family)?

Are you feeling like your posts are getting lost in the algorithms without anyone paying attention to it?

Do you find it hard to market or sell your offerings?, To reach the people that would say…

Oh my God! This is exactly what I am looking for!

If so, this might be time to think about finding your niche!

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It Is Time to Find Your Niche, Indeed!

I have been niche-less before (that is how I can tell how you feel right now!), and today, I would like to share with you what was the turning point for me, the thing that allowed me to go…

  • From having a wishy-washy message, to a compelling and magnetizing one that allows me to connect with my clients.
  • From having a list of random followers on social media – who would never buy from me-, to seeing how 80% of my followers now (and people who join my platforms) align with the profile of my ideal client.
  • From finding it difficult to sell my low and medium ticket offerings, to selling high ticket programs worth thousands of euro.

I believe you can have this too, but most probably, right now you find it impossible because of the fact that you are targeting anyone and everyone with your message, and not focusing on how to find your targeted audience (ie: your niche!). That my friend, might be what’s preventing your biz from thriving.

You’re Not Honing In On Your Niche, And That’s Causing Your Message To Get Lost In The Vastness Of The Internet.

If you are one of those teachers/coaches who will tell me now:

Okay Manu, I don’t want to limit myself…I want to help EVERYONE!

Let me then tell you this: I recommend you to STOP saying that right away.

Why? Because if you want to differentiate yourself as a yoga or wellness expert, you need to specialize. (Note:  I’m not telling you to take another training course or diploma, because I am sure what you already know and have is more than enough).

Due to our human nature, we instinctively categorize and label people. If you don’t take the reins and choose what you want to be known for, someone else will do it for you. Therefore, I encourage you to intentionally and strategically choose the label by which you want to be recognized in the yoga or wellness world.

Find Your Niche And Intentionally And Strategically Choose The Label By Which You Want To Be Recognized In The Yoga Or Wellness World.

You might think that focusing on a –relatively small- segment of the population, will limit our ability to find students and generate income, but nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, if you think about it, you probably don’t need hundreds of clients to have a profitable business. You most likely just need a few aligned clients ready to buy from you.

So let’s dive in!

Find Your Niche – 5 Good Reasons Why You Need To Have One.

If I could go back in time and speak to my younger self, when I started stepping into my journey as a yoga & wellness practitioner, I would have given myself this single piece of advice:

Start by focusing on ONE SINGLE NICHE.

Finding out WHO are the people you love to work with, and how you can help them with your knowledge and skills, allows you to…

#1: Stand out as a yoga or wellness practitioner.

Let’s face it, the “yoga and wellness markets” are very saturated. If you don’t find a way to be different from other yoga and wellness practitioners, it will be hard for people to pick you!

Choosing to work with someone specific, and focus on solving their wellbeing problems, will allow you to stand out as the practitioner who works for those people, who tend to have that specific problem.

#2: Connect better with your audience.

Once you understand WHO are the people you want to work with (and hence, talk to them online), you are a step closer to creating meaningful connections with them. This is super important, you want to know people in your niche really well, so that it is easy for them to relate to your message. Often your niche is a previous version of yourself.

Remember: Connection leads to TRUST and trust, will eventually lead to SALES.

#3: Position yourself as a specialist on something specific.

The good thing about it is that everyone in your niche and your colleagues will recognize you as the professional who focuses on that specific person (ie: pregnant women, yoga teachers, athletes…). That means, you will become a specialist on helping those groups of people.

Think about this, when people have a specific (wellbeing) problem, they are happier to pay more for a specialist! That’s how powerful it is niching down.

#4: Facilitate your marketing.

Having one ideal client makes your offerings and marketing laser focused and easier. You will know what to talk about when sharing posts online, and you will know what offerings to create for your specific targeted audience.

#5: Stop competing with other yoga and wellness practitioners by lowering your prices.

The “Prices war” will lead you exhausted and it won’t allow you to have a thriving yoga or wellness biz. Instead of engaging on it, try to focus on becoming an expert on your field, and be confident of asking more for your services.

Your primary objective is to direct your communication exclusively to your chosen niche. Address their dreams, wishes, and pain points. This deliberate focus not only strengthens your connection with your audience but also positions you as a trusted authority within your niche.

Embrace the idea of repelling those who don’t align with your niche; in fact, it’s beneficial. When someone visits your website or engages with your social media, they should quickly discern whether or not you are the right yoga teacher / wellness practitioner for them.

This swift recognition signals that your niche work is paying off, making your voice distinct and influential…Way to go!

Find Your Niche – 5 Aspects to Consider.

Now, let’s dive back into our niche exploration. When looking for a niche, consider the following aspects:

#1: Passionate Connection. 

It is important to feel a genuine passion for working with your niche. Your personal story might strengthen that connection.

#2: Financial Alignment. 

Ensure your chosen niche can afford your services, recognizing the value of investing in their health and well-being.

#3: Problem Solving.

With your skills as a yoga & wellness expert you should be able to address a pain point within your niche. This will position you as an innovative problem solver with your offerings.

#4: Real Demand. 

Do some market research and confirm a genuine demand within your niche for your  solving-problem offerings.

#5: Market Gap.

Note, if there’s limited representation of professionals’ addressing that problem among yoga teachers for your niche, verify that a real demand exists.

Based on that, you can now have a clearer idea of who your niche can be.

Find Your Niche – Your Next Step.

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Finding your niche is the crucial first step in creating a powerful, authentic message that attracts your ideal clients.

I understand first hand that niching down can be difficult and scary. It is not something to take lightly, and that’s why I’ve created my workshop Niche and Shine! I have a special promotion waiting for you, so if you found this interesting, you might want to check it out!

Thank you for reading!


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