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What Is It About?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with lots of information and lacking a clear direction as you grow your yoga or wellness business? 

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Here Is Why I Am The Right Person To Teach You This Webinar


Hi! I’m Manu, a nomad wellness enthusiast, former yoga teacher, and fitness practitioner from Spain.

I am on a mission to help yoga and wellness professionals like YOU radically transform your marketing and biz game to navigate the industry fearlessly and achieve sustained growth!✨ I don’t use manipulative or coercive techniques.

I specialize in retreats, organizing my own and supporting other retreat leaders.

My yoga journey began in 2004 in the Pyrenees, leading to teaching across Europe and SE Asia. I taught internationally in the Canary and Balearic Islands, Italy, and Thailand.

In 2018, I embraced entrepreneurship in Thailand, navigating significant marketing and business challenges. Despite my rich professional experience and yoga education, I had gaps in marketing, branding, online business, pricing, and content creation.

Recognizing these gaps, I invested in business coaching and mentoring, transforming my perspective. By 2019, I successfully ran my own yoga and movement business in Bangkok, teaching private clients, running international retreats, and collaborating with studios across Thailand and SE Asia.

In 2020, COVID restrictions led to the closure of my brick-and-mortar biz in Thailand, prompting a shift online. I began helping other yoga teachers bring their businesses online, inspired by their shared struggles. I took a new professional path, empowering yoga and wellness experts with online marketing and biz mentoring.

My teaching purpose evolved into a passionate focus on biz, marketing, and retreat management. 

I look forward to welcoming you into this unique and enriching experience.

Let’s make it unforgettable!