Awakening the Hero Within: Tarot and Rites in Your Yoga & Wellness Business · Part II

Hi there, friend. This week, we are -again- diving into the yoga & wellness business journey from a more mystical perspective, and with a bit of storytelling.

Last week, we delved into the fascinating parallels between the Hero’s Journey, the Rite of Passage, and the Tarot, exploring how these concepts intertwine with the journey of the yoga & wellness entrepreneur. If you missed it, you can catch up on Part I here.

But why is all of this important and what does it have to do with my yoga & wellness business? You might be asking…

As an independent entrepreneur, storytelling is a fundamental part of your marketing strategy. In 2024, we are more skeptical and critical of the content we consume, and in general, people are sick and tired of generic and plain marketing.

In this week’s podcast, I delve into this much deeper, and I give you examples and tips on how to apply this to your own business.

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Now, let’s continue our exploration and dive even deeper into the transformative journey of the wellness entrepreneur.

The next part we will explore today, and that’s the part that will allow you to overcome challenges and roadblocks, is guidance and mentorship.

Guidance & Mentorship In Your Yoga & Wellness Biz Journey

Mentors, guides, or supernatural helpers often assist the hero or individual on their journey, providing wisdom, support, or magical aid. The most famous archetypes in folklore and the movies are the wizards, the sages, or the fairy godmothers. Think about the characters of Yoda from “Star Wars”, Gandalf in “The Lord of The Rings” or The Fairy Godmother in “Cinderella”.

These mentors and guides might have shown in your yoga & wellness path as your teachers, a book that changed your life, or even an inspiring person you met over the internet. They helped you not only embrace your new identity, but also, becoming more confident and gaining clarity in your path.

These mentors are meant to appear at the beginning of your entrepreneur journey, pointing you to the direction of what is possible for you. As they say…

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

The Hermit embodies the archetype of the teacher and guide, whether it be your inner guide or an external one.

Transformation & Initiation

The central purpose of both the Hero’s Journey and the Rite of Passage is transformation or initiation. The hero or individual undergoes a profound change, acquiring new knowledge, skills, or insights that enable them to fulfill their destiny or assume their new role in society. The Tarot cards that best depict this phase are The Tower and Death (or the nameless arcana in the Marseille deck).

In your yoga & wellness journey, this was the phase when you shed your old skin and left behind your old identity. You transformed into something new and you are now ready to become a light and a guidance for other souls that are behind you in their journey. As their guiding light, you are now fully ready to assume the role of a teacher.

I clearly remember this happened to me when I went to Mysore, India in 2010, and when I finished my first yoga teacher training at Samahita Retreat in Koh Samui,Thailand…

Image of my first trip to Mysore, India in 2010. Encounter with a Sadhu.
With my latin gang in Mysore, India in 2010.
Post teacher training bliss at Samahita, in 2014.

The nameless arcane (XIII) in the Marseille Tarot or Death in Waite-Smith represent transformation.
The “House of God” or Tower, represent a moment where all the structures of one’s life are shaken.

Return With The Elixir & Incorporation

After undergoing the journey or rite, the hero returns to their ordinary world or community, transformed by their experiences. They may be welcomed back as a hero or fully initiated member of society, with their new status recognized by the community.

The hero returns home, bringing back the lessons learned or the gift of transformation to benefit their community or society. There is no way back for them right now. Nothing can stop you at this point either. By now, you probably feel very confident about your role in society.

Starting your enterprise now feels like the next natural step for you.

I experienced this after I came back from India and set up my first business – a small Ashtanga yoga shala in a small village in the South of Italy.

This might as well be the moment you feel ready to set up your own business. You probably now have finished your teacher training and have different business ideas. You might have established who your mentors and guides are, and learned some things from them. As long as you resonate with them, keep having them in your life; they are treasures to keep close to your heart. Sometimes, those guides might disappear as well, and that is okay too.

From left to right: Six of wands (Waite-Smith deck) represents victory. The World (Waite-Smith deck) represents the return and integration. The World (Marseille deck).

Keep going, my friend; you are meant to do this. And remember to take care of yourself, ask for help and seek guidance along the way.

I hope you find this helpful and enjoyable. If so, please leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading.


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