Awakening the Hero Within: Tarot and Rites in Your Yoga & Wellness Business · Part I

Hi there, friend. This week we are diving into the yoga & wellness business journey from a more mystical perspective.

You might have noticed that Tarot has become one of my passions and part of my spiritual path since last year. This year, I came out of the closet on Instagram as a proud Tarot reader. I really connect with the symbolism and the wisdom of the arcana, and how the deck itself is a tool for connecting with my intuition.

I’ve been inspired by two concepts for this post. The “Rite of Passage” and “Hero’s Journey,” and I would like to explore how those two concepts connect and intertwine with the Tarot and your yoga & wellness business journey.

There are some relevant parallels between the Hero’s Journey and the Rite of Passage. Both involve a transformative aspect or a process undergone by an individual. While the Hero’s Journey is often associated with the narrative structure of myths and storytelling, the Rite of Passage is a cultural or ceremonial event marking a significant transition in an individual’s life. They share common elements and threads that are also reflected in the world of Tarot and the entrepreneurship journey. So, let’s dive in!

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The Separation & Departure

Both the Hero’s Journey and the Rite of Passage begin with a separation from the ordinary world or familiar environment. The hero or individual embarks on a journey or transition to a new state or role. In the Tarot deck, the card that best represents this moment is The Fool. The Fool is moving forward, leaving everything behind and being led by its own heart and intuition (represented by the little animal at its feet).

Think about the time you knew it was time to embrace a well-being practice and path. That moment you decided that your health and wellness were a priority in your life and could not be compromised any longer. That day when you decided to leave behind those old destructive habits that linked you to your old tribe and decided to move forward following your heart.

This marks the beginning of this journey.

The Fool is moving forward, leaving everything behind and being led by its own heart and intuition (represented by the little animal at its feet).

How Does It Show In Your Yoga & Wellness Biz?

In your business journey, this is definitely something you are going to experience when you consider stepping into your role as an entrepreneur. Setting up your business and making a living by working independently is going to push you into wearing your leadership hat. This will likely make you feel uncomfortable sometimes. Possibly, some people around you might feel uncomfortable as well. Some, behaving from a scarcity mindset, might feel threatened when they see you shining and they might perceive you as a “competitor.” Some, behaving from a protector role, might want to prevent you from pursuing your dreams out of the fear of thinking that you are putting yourself at risk. Within this second category, we have the “Threshold Guardians” which we will explore next.

Bless all of them with love and don’t let their fears take you away from your path.

Two and Three of wands in the Waite-Smith tarot represents a moment of initiating your journey; you are now set ready to move on and to take the world.

Threshold Guardians Are Meant To Stop You In Your Yoga & Wellness Biz Journey

There is typically a threshold or boundary that the hero or individual must cross to enter the unknown territory. This threshold may be guarded by challenges, tests, or guardians you must overcome.

Your Threshold Guardians might have shown up for you in the past, as one of your friends in your old tribe or a family member. Trying to “protect you,” they might have been discouraging you to take the well-being path. They probably did not do it with a bad intention. They were probably scared when they saw you changing and giving up old habits that connected you to your old tribe. They did not have any idea of what are the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, and therefore, they were scared for you.

Threshold Guardians are meant to appear when you start your business journey as well. Again, not with a bad intention, they will want to protect you, and by doing so, they will likely project a lot of fears on you. Please, do not get angry at them. Do not take it personally as they might be a mirror projecting your own fears. They are good people and they love you…and they don’t want to see you “fail.”

But you won’t fail.

Trials and Challenges Are Meant To Appear As Well

During the journey or rite, the hero or individual faces roadblocks, trials, tests, or challenges that serve to transform them and prepare them for their new role or identity.

This, again, is something you have experienced before in your yoga & wellness journey. Remember how you got to experience these challenges, those moments when you found it difficult to deal with everything you felt. You did not have yet all the tools you needed to fully embrace your new identity, and things did come up for you that might have been even scary. Some might have make you feel as a failure.

This will show in your business journey as well. You will for sure face challenges like not finding clients, not selling your offerings, not knowing what to post on social media, etc. For me, one of my biggest trials came up around 2018, when I set up my business in Bangkok, Thailand, and realized how little did I know about running a business, despite all my yoga & wellness education.

The way forward in this part is looking for a mentor, teacher, or guide, and this will be the next thing we dive into next week’s blog post.

Check out the enchanting video I filmed in a historic location for this week’s post! If you’re eager to dive deeper into the topic, simply click below.

I hope you find this helpful and enjoyable. If so, please leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading.


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