Welcome! I’m Manu, Your Yoga Business Mentor

Let me guess…You are a passionate yoga or wellness professional on a mission to grow your biz, who perhaps…

Feel overwhelmed and unsure, when navigating the territory of attracting new students and clients online…

Dreams about running your own transformational retreat but feel unclear and confused about organizing and managing logistics

Feel adrift and lacking direction in your efforts to grow your yoga or wellness biz strategically, and still uncertain about your message as a teacher…

Yearn for clarity and authenticity, but face internal conflict and worries about coming across as manipulative with your clients in your marketing efforts…

Does it sound like you? Here is the good news…You are in the right place! ⭐️

You Have an Important Role In This Planet

As a yoga and wellness professional, you have a highly important role in this planet, helping others to live better lives. Yet, I bet sometimes it feels like you are draining yourself by giving so much but not having a return of all the amazing work that you do and all your efforts.

Is that you? I FEEL YOU! I’ve been there as well…

You Were Never Taught How To Professionalize Your Passion

Let me tell you that this might be because you were never taught how to professionalize your passion during your training. Nobody taught you how to think and act as a business owner, so that you have more chances to make an abundant living doing what you love.

…And you are not alone on this journey! Here is a truth bomb:

The yoga, fitness and wellness industries make millions of € every year, meanwhile independent yoga & wellness professionals have trouble finding their first clients or even  getting a decent income. 🧐

Let’s Get Down To Business!

This is why learning about the biz & marketing side of wellness and yoga (even if you don’t own a studio!) is empowering!

But don’t worry if this feels daunting to you.

I am here to support you, while having some fun together!

Free Resources to Grow Your Yoga, Wellness and Retreat Biz

Hey, here are some free resources for you. By signing up to any of my freebies, you will become part of my list, and I will be sharing more resources with you on a weekly basis. I also have a podcast and a blog filled with more resources for you.

On-Demand, Pre-Recorded Workshop

Embark on a transformative journey with my workshop “Niche & Shine!”, designed for yoga and wellness professionals seeking to elevate their business to new heights. “Niche & Shine!” is not just a course; it’s your compass to navigate the vast landscape of entrepreneurship with purpose and clarity.

Single Strategy Session

90 minutes of working together to receive my full support, enabling you to achieve clarity in your next steps in your business or retreat. I provide feedback, next steps for you, and materials while you work on implementing the strategies discussed during our call. I’ll answer any questions you have about your business and retreat.

Long Term Biz & Retreat Mentorship

Six months of working together to receive my full support, expertise, and accountability, enabling you to achieve total clarity every step of the way. Stay on track as we delve into various aspects of marketing, pricing, and address specific challenges or opportunities. Receive personalized guidance to maximize your efforts and achieve your biz & retreat goals.

Who am I and WHY do I do what I do?

I am Manu, I am on a mission to help yoga and wellness practitioners like you gain confidence, strategic growth skills, and business mastery, so they can navigate the industry with assurance and clarity to achieve sustained business growth. Having said that, I don’t like to use coercive techniques that make you come across as manipulative.

You can learn about my story here.